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Morgan is a trusted, professional, real estate advisor serving Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas. She works with overwhelmed buyers and helps guide them through the process of one of the biggest transactions of their life. She also works with sellers who don’t feel like they know what to do to sell their home or prepare it for the market in the right way. Morgan loves the education side of my job. She meets with friends and new clients for lunch, drinks or coffee and go over the whole process in a very laid back way. Morgan consults with sellers and gives them a structured plan to get their house ready to sell for the most money possible. She also works with investors and enjoys working with them because it is all about research! Knowing the current Knoxville market is a specialty that helps her clients feel confident in the services provided. So, have you been around someone recently who is looking to buy their first home, overwhelmed with preparing their house to sell, or looking to build residual income through rental or flipping houses? Morgan McCauley would be honored to have the opportunity to earn their business! She is very laid back and wants her clients to feel comfortable and confident in their decisions.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Working with Morgan always includes "that little extra"!  Bringing two bottles of champagne to closing, one to pop open and one to drink! It's having a laid-back but modern approach that allows her to communicate efficiently, build relationships with other agents and find the right house for every buyer. She is an open book and always sharing the best (financial tips, expert moving tips, organizational tips, etc) to help make your move as smooth as possible and buy your home with confidence. These are just some of the unique touch points that are part of Morgan's client experience. Every experience is slightly different because every client is different! She strives to continuously provide that “little extra” in every single transaction (turned friendship). She wants your home buying experience to not only be enjoyable but to be memorable and fun!

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We closed on our first home today!! To say we are excited is an understatement. HUGE thank you to Morgan McCauley for helping us through this journey- you have been absolutely phenomenal!!

- Emily P.

I can't thank our unbelievably great REALTOR® Morgan McCauley enough for helping every step of the way making sure papers were official and we were covered every step of the way. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You made the process so easy and digestible instead of completely overwhelming.

- Kristin M.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As a seller, a buyer, and an agent of United Real Estate, this is the BEST brokerage you can choose.

- J Wilson Plath

Morgan is excellent at her job. The housing market is wild right now and she worked very hard to represent me in several difficult situations as well as helping me find my first home!

- Casey H.

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